Ideas to Carpet a Hallway Stairs and Landing

The hall and stairs are usually the first and last thing that you and visitors see as they enter and exit your home. With a little imagination its very possible to create a warm and impressive feature of this area. Depending on the size of these areas the actual materials needed can be less than you expect. That said when decorating or carpeting these areas it is import to remember that they are very labor intensive so if you hire a professional to install these material then expect to pay a lot more than flat rooms. Of course its always better to employ a professional as these areas can be very tricky and by doing so the finish will be far better and the installation time will be a lot faster.

Plain Stairs Carpets

stair carpet plain beige carpets for stairs
Plain Stair carpets are a timeless classic. Lighter plain stair carpet will make the areas feel bigger but are of course more susceptible to trafficking and stains. Darker coloured star carpets will hide trafficing but require more vacuum cleaning and if not careful can make a entrance to your home feel dark and miserable. Red and grey carpets are between and a happy compromise. Plain stair carpets however come in all price brackets so perhaps going cheaper and replacing more often is the way to go.
carpets stoke
red stairs carpet, plain red stairs carpet for stairs
grey stair carpet plain red stairs carpet

Stripey or striped stairs carpets

Stripey carpet for stairs
striped stair carpets stoke on trent
nice stripe stairs carpet
Call quickfit carpets
cheap stairs carpet Newcastle under lyme